Our Strengths


Complete Ecosystem Support

GTIB is supported by the founder, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, who owns Country Heights Holdings Berhad, a public listed property conglomerate in Malaysia that primarily focuses on property development and investment holdings, with subsidiaries involved in diverse industries such as healthcare, hospitality, tourism, technology, agriculture and education. Its total assets stand at over RM2.0 billion, including investment properties of over RM95.0 million. These create a synergistic ecosystem that would bring added benefits and security to our clients.


Technology-driven Service Offerings

From the engagement with client to the structuring of investment, we attempt to digitalise every process using blockchain to provide immutability, traceability, transparency and seamless experience to our clients. This makes us an investment bank with global reach and scale, providing client a global investor base to tap on. We also promote financial inclusivity by enabling fractional ownership in our innovative investment products.


Strong Client Relationship

We focus on building long-lasting relationship with our clients. This is reflected in our core values, which emphasize placing our clients’ interests first, integrity, commitment to excellence and innovation.


Sustainable Investing

We are committed to helping clients to achieve long-term financial success by providing access to investment opportunities that provide sustainable returns, particularly in the agriculture sector that generates long-term stable return.


Longstanding Management Track Record

GTIB is led by experienced management that is forward-thinking with foresight to prepare for every eventuality, agile to evolve with new trends brought by the digital revolution, and resilient to meet any challenges ahead.